July 20th 2019
Registration opens at 12:00 pm
Tournament starts at 1:00 pm


Press Start Arcade
1413 S Virginia Street
Reno, Nevada 89502


$10.00 entry fee (Cash only).
Group Progressive 10 Strike Knockout Tournament.
10 games will be dedicated to tournament play.
Tournament games will be on free play for practice and tournament play.
Players in all groups will receive strikes based on finishing position.
Once you receive 10 strikes you are out of the competition.
Groups and games are randomly selected by MatchPlay tournament software.
Tournament is limited to the first 24 people to register.
Be aware this is a 21 and over age restricted location.


This is an International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) sanctioned event.
$1.00 of your entry fee will go to the IFPA to be included in SCS prize pool.
$9.00 of your entry fee will be put into the prize pool for this event.
The prize pool will be awarded as follows:
1st Place: 50% of prize pool
2nd Place: 30% of prize pool
3rd Place: 20% of prize pool


If you would like to know more about the IFPA and the rules
by which this tournament will be governed by please visit


If you have any questions please contact me @ jim@renopinball.com


Thank you,
Jim Martin
Tournament Director